What is Myofascial Pain and How The Vibro Sculpt Can Help

What Causes Myofascial Pain Syndrome?

MPS is usually caused by repetitive stress on a particular muscle. For example, if you work in a field like construction and find yourself continually contracting the same muscles in your hands, you may be at risk for developing MPS.

MPS may also be the result of a muscle injury. Once the muscle is weakened, it is more susceptible to MPS. Stress and anxiety also put individuals at risk for developing MPS. These conditions can weaken the muscles or put undue strain on them.

What Are the Risks Associated With Developing Myofascial Pain Syndrome?

Those who develop MPS are at increased risk of developing fibromyalgia – a chronic problem that causes severe pain all over the body. MPS can also lead to sleep problems. The pain may make it difficult for you to lie down in certain positions, interrupting your usual sleep patterns.

How Is MPS Diagnosed?

If you notice the above-mentioned symptoms worsening, make an appointment with your physician. He or she will delve into your medical history, test your muscles, and recommended further medical examinations to help determine whether or not you are suffering from MPS. A diagnosis can help you treat the condition properly and reduce your level of pain and discomfort.

Can Myofascial Pain Syndrome Be Treated?

There are a number of natural treatment options to help soothe and reduce the pain of MPS. Here is a closer look at some of the treatment options available:

  1. Stretching: Regular stretches can help painful muscles develop more flexibility. This way, it can deal with the trauma better and not cause as much pain. Regular stretching of muscles can make a significant difference for many MPS sufferers. Visit with an osteopath or physiotherapist to determine which stretches are best for your specific muscles.
  2. Heat: Applying heat can help loosen the overly-contracted muscles and make it easier for you to move around without feeling pain.
  3. Ultrasound Therapy: Using heat to stimulate the circulation of blood throughout the blood, ultrasound therapy is another alternative.
  4. Pilates or Yoga: Taking care of yourself – no matter what issues you do or do not suffer from – is always easier when you are eating well and exercising right. Activities like yoga and pilates focus on stretching muscles without stressing them inappropriately. These activities can help you regain flexibility in your damaged muscle tissue and strengthen them, too.
  5. Acupuncture: Focusing specifically on the trigger spots causing the most pain, acupuncture may help bring some much-needed pain relief to your muscles.

What Is Myofascial Release?

A myofascial release massage refers to one other treatment option for MPS. This treatment involves adding slight pressure to the trigger spots. The massage therapist will gently add pressure to help disengage the muscle. The pressure may also help to regain flexibility and mobility, minimizing pain.

Myofascial massage release is a proven safe and effective treatment for MPS.

Prevention of Myofascial Pain Syndrome

While there are some ways to treat MPS, it is always better to do what you can preventatively. This way, you reduce your risk of ever developing the condition at all. Here are some prevention tips that could make all the difference for you:

  • Exercise regularly and always include safe stretching techniques before and after a workout.
  • Try to find healthy ways to deal with your stress and anxiety and reduce the pressures they cause.
  • If you do a repetitive job, be sure to complete regular stretches that will compensate for the work you do every day.
  • Stick to activities that do not force your muscles into uncomfortable positions.

How the Vibro Sculpt Can Help

Though MPS can be very painful and cause debilitating problems or some, it can be treated. The one thing to remember is that stretching and exercising are crucial to both preventing and treating this condition.

Our Vibro Sculpt electric massager can help users with various of the symptoms associated with MPS thanks to the massager’s VibroBuff technology. This technology sends soothing vibration waves that gently massage a targeted area of the body to alleviate tense and sore muscles. The Vibro Sculpt can also be used in conjunction with any creams or oils for pain, so you can maximize the relieving effects of your massage sessions.

Whether your muscle pain is chronic or temporary, the best way to treat it is to maintain a healthy diet, a healthy weight, and an active lifestyle. The Vibro Sculpt helps with the physical aspect by supporting the way healthy muscles in your body work together to make you function. If one muscle is overworked and becomes painful, you can be sure the rest of your body will compensate. And soon enough, more painful trigger spots will start to pop up. The earlier you begin to treat the problem, the sooner you can achieve some level of pain relief.  

If you are worried you are suffering from MPS, we suggest you also meet with your physician as quickly as possible. If you can’t get an appointment immediately, don’t worry. You can still meet with osteopaths and physiotherapists to help you deal with the pain you are suffering from.