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How is it a money back guarantee if you have to return it in 90 days unused?

We have a 90-day warranty. You can use Vibrosculpt and if you don't get results after 70 days of use...

January 14, 2022
We have a 90-day warranty. You can use Vibrosculpt and if you don't get
results after 70 days of use while following our recommendations and user
guide or if the device stops working, you're able to return it for a refund. You
need to send it back in its original white box with all its packaging, accessories,
and additional products for it to be valid. You can learn more


Do you have a return and refund policy?

We will only accept a return of a Vibrosculpt within 90 days of purchase. The box and product must be...

How often can the pads be changed?

The Vibrosculpt Pads and Pro Pads typically last up to 45-60 days depending onhow frequently the Vibrosculpt is used. We...

Do I have to work out as well to gain better results?

The Vibrosculpt is a great complement for an existing fitness routine! Eating right, exercising, and drinking plenty of water will...

Should I use oils/lotions with the Vibrosculpt?

Absolutely! Our high-quality skin stimulating pads and the vibrating motion produced by our VibroBuff technology help your skin absorb oils...

What's the difference between the white pads and the colored pads?

The Pro Pads are exclusive massage pads for the Vibrosculpt that help achieve different goals for your skin. The white...

Can I take off the pads and wash them? How often?

Yes, the pads can be hand washed with soft soap or using a bag for delicates inthe washing machine. Specially...

Does the Vibrosculpt help stimulate muscles?

Yes! The Vibrosculpt helps tone your skin and stimulate your muscles. It works as a perfect complement for your existing...

Do I put the gels on my skin or directly on the pads?

You apply the gels in your skin and then massage with your Vibrosculpt for up to 10 minutes per area.

Can I use the Vibrosculpt on my neck/double chin.

We recommend the Vibrosculpt be used from the collarbone down only. No face, chin, nor neck!

What pad do I use with the gel?

All pads can be used with all our gels!

Does it decrease the flabbiness in the midsection and double love handles?

It definitely does! Using the Vibrosculpt consistently up to 10 minutes per target area you can see great results in...

When is the best time to use the Vibrosculpt?

You can use your Vibrosculpt twice a day when you give yourself your space forself-care. The most important thing is...

Do I have to have it plugged in to use?

Yes, Vibrosculpt includes its own electrical cord that needs to be connected to an outlet while using it.

Does it tone up your butt too?

Yeah! The Vibrosculpt helps firm, tone and improve the appearance of cellulite in your buttocks when used consistently.

How many minutes per target area?

We recommend using Vibrosculpt up to 10 minutes per target area, twice a day, at least 4 times per week...

Is it safe to use while breastfeeding?

Yes! You can use it in your arms and legs while pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep it away from your belly...

Should I use the device before or after a workout?

You can use Vibrosculpt after working out to help tone and firm your muscles. Itwill help with the soreness as...

How many times a day per target area can I use the Vibrosculpt?

We recommend using the Vibrosculpt up to 10 minutes per target area, twice aday

Will it work on big stomachs?

Vibrosculpt can help anyone, no matter their measurements as long as it is being used consistently! Also, we recommend complementing...

Do I stay in one section for 10 minutes then move over to next? Or do I glide the Vibrosculpt back and forth across entire target area?

We recommend using Vibrosculpt in a circular upwards motion in the whole target area you're massaging up to 10 minutes.

Is it safe to use after liposuction?

Sure! The Vibrosculpt is great for post-op massages. Make sure your skin has completely healed and you have no stitches...

How many times a week do I need to use the Vibrosculpt?

We recommend using your Vibrosculpt at least 4 times per week and following the instructions and recommendations included to have...

Is this website secure to order from?

Our website is completely safe! This is Vibrosculpt's official store, and we guarantee your purchase!

How does the Vibrosculpt work?

The Vibrosculpt helps improve your skin and muscles thanks to our patented VibroBuff technology. This exclusive technology sends soothing vibration...

What’s included in my order?

Every order comes with a bundle of tools and accessories designed to help you get in the best shape of...

Who is the Vibrosculpt for?

The Vibrosculpt massager is designed for women and men who want a convenient, easy-to-use method to improve their shape from...